Lovely SA 2015
Day 41 at 06 Mar 2015
Cape Town at Airport (KL 598 ) → Amsterdam at Schiphol (Train to R'dam)
"We woke up during the night but we were relatively well rested. The food at the KLM is not bad but it was not great either. We have to say - as fare as airplane food can be lekker – Turkish Airlines was during the last years by far the very best! ;-)
Our flight was very pleasant and we landed with 8 degrees, even a couple of minutes earlier. 11.05h we left the airplane.
We were also very lucky with our luggage! Our suitcases were the very first which came out. That was fantastic! We went to the train station on Schiphol and again: we printed quickly a ticked and waited only 10 min. for the very fast IC train to Rotterdam. And, also here we got our ticked and could step directly in our Metro to Poortugaal. After arriving in Poortugaal we walk 5 min. and were at 13.15h at home. Great!
We did a couple of small things and went immediately grocery shopping. After coming back we had a little soup and bread.
What did we do then? The most necessary like showering ;-), unpacking, washing … and I have been so lucky to get an appointment with my beautician at 17.00h, which I enjoyed so much.
After coming back we carried on with the most necessary things and I prepared dinner. To stay a little bit in the “mood” I prepared some beef burgers with spicy bimi (little broccolis) and we had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from Oude Kaap.
Because we were both quite exhausted and had it cold – so I prepared a hot water bottle – we went at 22.30h to bed."