Lovely SA 2015
Day 40 at 05 Mar 2015
Stellenbosch at Devonvale Golf Estate (Emilia) → Cape Town at Airport (KL 598 )
"I woke up a little better then yesterday! We rested but still with a terrible back pain!
Ed gave me a massage and I did some gymnastics. After that I could finally move again. I had still some tummy pain but much better then yesterday!
We got up, got ready and went for breakfast at 9.00h. After that, we packed and Ed helped Emilia in between with her Laptop. After a nice tea, breakfast and chitchat we carried on with the packing. I also skyped with my dear Claudi again!
We went at 12.30h to Stellenbosch posted the last post cards, got some money went through some curio shops and had lunch at ASTA a nice little Italia restaurant.
We where back at 15.00h had a nice talk with Emilia, installed for her a web cam and a new mouse. After a tea we packed now the very last things.
At 19.00h we went to Jordan Restaurant and Wine Estate a very nice restaurant!
We told them right away that we are “in a hurry” and that we have to leave at 21.10h to get to the airport. Although we hurried a bit we had a wonderful 4 course dinner + Amuse bouche … but without the wine. We didn’t take wine 1. because I wanted to be still a bit careful with my tummy and 2. because we had to fly and alcohol dehydrates too much. The service was excellent!! We all liked the dinner very much though and it was innovative and they tried very interesting taste combinations but, there was with every course something, which didn’t fit 100% with OUR taste. So, we could say for us that we had already better restaurants in South Africa, which fitted 100% our taste immediately. But that is VERY personal!!! We would recommend this very good and well-situated restaurant with excellent service anyway.
After a very warm good-bye from Emilia we left at 21.15h to the airport.
We arrived 21.50h tanked the car, gave it back and went to the check in, which we did already from “at home”. So, it was basically checking/showing our passports and giving up the luggage.
We had the time to forage for some curios in the shops at the airport. And we have to say that the ‘Out of Africa’ store in the airport, which was always ‘better’ then at other places, was not as well stocked and had not so special stuff as e.g. at the Waterfront. I actually regretted that I didn’t get some things elsewhere! But anyway, we started in time.
Because it was a night flight we both fell asleep quit quickly and we slept quit a lot."