Lovely SA 2015
Day 39 at 04 Mar 2015
Stellenbosch at Devonvale Golf Estate (Emilia)
"A Horrible night! The bed was quite good for our bags and it had cooled down a lot so, we could sleep nicely.
But we noticed already yesterday night some mozzies, so we smeared. I woke up at 3.30h completely stung by mozzies. I counted at least 15 bites on my body. But really bad was that I had two - close to my eye! One sting directly on the eyelid and the other sting on the end to my nose, close to the eye. I did look like Quasimodo. So, I smeared again with TABARD and PEACEFUL SLEEP and on my eye I put Rescue Gel, which helped a bit. Then we covered up completely and we had it terribly hot!
I woke up at 6.00h not very well rested, with an eye … like who ever and frustrated. At 8.00h we got ready for breakfast and we went down at 9.00h.
Emilia prepared a wonderful breakfast, also with nice German bread rolls, cold meats, good cheese, …
After the breakfast my eye did get better, luckily!!! I chatted then nicely with my sister dear. That was so nice as well! Later I worked on my things and Ed helped Emilia with her Computer, the printer, installing, erasing, …
At 12 o’clock Emilia left and we did sit outside in on the terrace. Around 13.00h I couldn’t stay awake anymore. First because I was too tired due to the short last night and second, because I felt bad.
We slept till 16.40h and I had terrible stomach and … problems. I did call the Acupuncture doctor to ask if that could have been a side effect. And later he called back and said that this is a detox process but nothing to worry about. OK! But I do feel not well at all.
We got up, I had some tea and water with lemon and cracker.
First we wanted to go out but that would have been not wise. So we decided to stay home. Ed & Emilia took good care of me! _ Ed helped Emilia and I did some important work and emailed.
I had just plain pasta with a little butter and Ed as well.
After dinner what allayed my hunger it was better and then … worse again. I made me a hot water bottle and went at 22.15h completely exhausted to bad."