Lovely SA 2015
Day 38 at 03 Mar 2015
Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment) → Stellenbosch at Devonvale Golf Estate (Emilia)
"I woke up at 6.05h totally wet because of the heat. We had 27 degrees in the bedroom. I switch the ventilator on and then I could sleep for another hour. I got up took a long shower and got ready for the day. I prepared breakfast and packed again some little things.
We had breakfast at 8.15h. Ed got ready and I packed again and went to the breakfast room for some Internet. That’s really annoying!
We packed the car and went at 10.50h in direction Stellenbosch. But before we got some cloth from the Dry Cleaners.
We arrived 11.40h at Emilia’s at the Devonvale Golf and Wine Estate.
We had some bubbly and LOADS of water in the shade of the terrace and did some catching up. We ate with her a Rumanian Borscht, a veggie soup with beef. Carried on again with the chatting … And Ed did help Emilia with some Lapto and Computer problems. ;-) We unpacked got to our room and showered again. It was here unbelievable 45,5 degrees. And Cape Town had the highest temperatures in 100 years. Tha’s also was causing the mist terrible fires on the “other side” of the Mountain. In Muzienberg, Hout Bay, Noordhoek, … Its disastrous!
We went for dinner to Stellenbosch in a very fine Restaurant Helen’s Restaurant, and we were lucky even without a booking! ;-) We felt like VIP people! The whole room was for us, nicely air-conditioned. The food and the service were excellent. Then we had a stroll through Stellenbosch and we were back at Emilia’s where we chatted a bit in the dark cooler night near the pool. We went to bed did some PC work and fell asleep around 1.00h."