Lovely SA 2015
Day 37 at 02 Mar 2015
Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment)
"I woke up at 4.35h and was awake. To dark, to early, so I tried to fall asleep again. It was not very easy but some how I got lucky. We both got up then by 6.50h.
The view was fantastic again, the sun shining and we started our breakfast.
I did again some things for our web site and Ed finished something he yesterday stared.
We do love Cape Town so very much though! We love the vibe, the multi cultural, the flair, … everything … and we will always come back, that’s for sure!!! But, if we would live in South Africa we’d prefer a quieter place, less hectic, less traffic. We’d prefer to come regularly and visit instead of living here.
We went today to an Acupuncture appointment for me. That was my very first time and a cool sensation. And even better het helped me a lot! And I might take another appointment on Wednesday.
After this we quickly went home to get something to drink. It was down in the city 44 degrees. And that might has caused also the many fires on the other side on Table Mountain like Muizenberg. How bad it was we only could see in the evening when we came home from Century City where we had a little lunch, a little shopping and we vent to a movie. We could see the smoke around the mountain and the many fires still burning.
When we came home we had a light dinner and the packed of course for our very last stop this time in Stellenbosch.
We also worked a bit on the website and did some important work email. Lena & Marco tried to install some new WIFI power extender. But unfortunately it still did not work.
We were exhausted and went to bad around 23.30h"