Lovely SA 2015
Day 36 at 01 Mar 2015
Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment)
"Good morning everybody! Its SUNday, we slept well and got up at 7.00h.
I prepared a special Sunday breakfast. We had: Cappuccino, fresh Orange juice and pancakes. The day stars just fine.
We quickly worked on the Web site and updated it … not online because we still don’t have Internet connection here – what is really NOT NICE for us, especially for Ed.
At 8 o’clock we heard an explosion and with our open terrace door we could see immediately loads of smoke rising. We asked here in the house but nobody knew what it was. … we later saw what caused it! ;-) They are busy turning old houses down. This house was started this week and we could see the progress all the time we passed. Today it was the very last part.
We got ready and left then around 9.45h to do the Hop on – Hop off bus tour. We started at 10.00h and did 3 different Tours. It was just great to see Cape Town that way and have the explanations. By the way – it was the best sound system we ever had in this kind of busses!!! We stepped out in Long Street to change the busses. In Hout Bay we got blown off by the wind, which picked up immediately after we changes the side of the mountain and got a bit chilly, and we were sand bathed in the dunes. We felt like a chicken Schnitzel! ;-) And … because of the wind my Ed lost his VERY NICE, in Tsitsikamma bought cap. I was more sorry the he was, so it seemed. We walked also a bit through the city but just Long Street, Green Market Square – where we bought a new, totally overpriced cap – and surroundings. We got off the bus at 16.45h and decided to walk again through the Waterfront. We went directly to the Art Centre, got some money and bought two very nice shorts for my hubbie!
We went back home, had a shower, notice that my shoulders and Eddy’s legs - even though we used sun crème factor 30 - got a little sunburn, and we went just to the Vietnamese Restaurant around the corner. We didn’t feel like going to fancy dress us places. Our choice was very good! We were at 21.00h at home.
We took care of the 750 photos’ we took today, loaded all batteries, … After that we checked our Email, again in the breakfast room because Internet is still NOT WORKING here at our Apartment. That’s very inconvenient for us!!!
We chatted a bit nicely with a glass off wine at the terrace, the wind had dropped after dinner, and went around 23.00h to bed."