Lovely SA 2015
Day 35 at 28 Feb 2015
Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment)
"I woke up at 6.00h and it was still half dark so I went back to sleep. We both got up at 7.00h and enjoyed the quietness of the starting day and the sun.
Our Internet is still not working and that makes us a bit grumpy and we’ll ask about it today!
So we mad breakfast around 8.30h and enjoyed the peace and all the time we took!
Great to have time and don’t feel driven to do something or that some appointment is waiting, a job must be done; something or someone must be taken care off. That’s a proper holiday!
Around 10 o’clock we called Lenie to congratulate her for her birthday!
We tried to figure out what is up with the Internet, because it did not work again.
After getting ready we went to the Grand Beach and Café. A friend of Vicci’s could get yesterday a table for us. For us it would have been impossible to book something on a Saturday on such short notice! ;-) We heard wonderful things and we read also some very bad reviews, so we went with mixed feelings.
We got a nice table in the middle of the sand/beach part; the service was very quick and friendly. We ordered and the food came in 15 to 20 min. The food was fantastic. The best Linguine Frutti di Mare I ever had in South Africa! The taste was real Italian! And Eds Kingklip was excellent as well. After 2 hours on the beach having nice cocktails and lekker food we went home.
We prepared for the sun, took our sun bed in half shade and had a nice nap. We really enjoyed the pool this time as well because it was a real hot day.
The Internet worked … still not. Marco the owner tried to help and figure it out, but it didn’t work. So we went then to the breakfast room and checked our Email … And after that again into the sun. Ach that’s so great!
We went back in around 18.15h. I prepared for dinner; we had a nice G&T and watched a little TV. We ate at 19.30h. Hmmm it was good. It was chicken breast filet with mushrooms. After that we washed dishes and watched some TV.
We also prepared an important letter for Ed’s dad.
We went very happy to bed and fell asleep before 23.00h"