Lovely SA 2015
Day 34 at 27 Feb 2015
Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment)
"I woke up well rested and better then I fell asleep yesterday!
Our last week started and we’ll enjoy every moment of it!!!
We got up, I prepared breakfast and we enjoyed our porch, the sunshine and the view. I am very grateful for all that!!!
We got ready and Eddy brought me to the massage place where I had an appointment at 10 o’clock and he went back “home” again.
I had a very good massage, which helped me a big lot. After that I had the most funny and also good and a pedicure. I had fish nibbling on my feet. That was a funny and ticklish feeling. After that kind of peeling the girl continued with a ‘normal’ pedicure. Ed came and picked me up. We went shopping for our dinner and had then lunch at the Hudson. That’s a Burger place. It was a fun place and the burger was not bad! But it was too loud and noisy.
We arrived at our place at 15.00h.
We rested a bit in the sun and then slept a bit. After that we got ready for the shop opening!
We arrived there at 19.15h and had a blast. Whe have known Roxy, Viccis gorgeous daughter for the first time and her boyfriend Costa. It was as we’d had known her for a very long time. And of course Saleem was there with his wonderful Kashmir shawls, ponchos and, and, and … Great stuff! There were two bands playing … no not at the same time. When the one stopped the other starred. Both were very good and mad everyone dance a little. I bought even though a pretty beats necklace. We got invited to stay for dinner in the restaurant next door, so we stood. Another couple with their son joined us.
It was quite loud as well in this restaurant, like many here in Cape Town but they had a very nice menu and vine card. Ed had vegetarian ravioli with butternut and Parmesan, which was divine and an ice cream, I had duck a l’orange with a little salad and 3 baby potatoes and a crème brûlée, which was all very nice! We had nice talks, got good tips for South Africa, Namibia and Cape Town and surroundings as well. We were exactly midnight at home and went straight to bed! "