Lovely SA 2015
Day 33 at 26 Feb 2015
Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment)
"I woke up quite rested but with a HORRIBLE back pain. Ed gave me a little massage and I did my exercises in two stages, because I wasn’t able to move well enough. So that’s for sure we will book 1 or 2 massages!
We went up enjoyed the marvellous view with our breakfast. That’s great! We really took it easy because of me, did some PC work and went off around 11.30h.
We walked down all Leeuwenhof Road and Kloof Street and went to a nice and still good Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon. We had wonderful lunch and enjoyed our self’s.
We went to a massage place after lunch to make an appointment for my still so hurting back. But nothing for today only tomorrow; but that’ll do. So we went back up all Kloof Street and our so steep Leeuwenhof Road. … And that with my hurting back and hip.
It was too much, too steep, too exhausting, too … We arrived here and I was completely FINISHED. We actually wanted to go to a friends shop opening but I couldn’t do this.
After calming down a bit and drinking loads of water I fell asleep for 2,5 hours. When I woke up I had overcome only the worst pain and fatigue. After loads of water again and preparing for dinner I felt asleep immediately again for another 2 hours. Then I was so much better!!!
We had dinner, watched a little TV and we went to bad around 23.30h."