Lovely SA 2015
Day 32 at 25 Feb 2015
Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment)
"I had only 5,5 hours of sleep and woke up, because it was too light. But luckily I fell asleep again for another hour. So we got up at 7.15h. Our breakfast was just nice and fresh peaches, some fruit juice and some cappuccino. Very relaxed, no pressure, no appointments just sun and a fantastic view!
We did some PC work, got ready and went around 11.15h to the W&A waterfront in Cape Town. We wanted to see what the day would bring us. ;-)
Before going to the Waterfront we stopped at a German Bakery called Dinkel Dinkel Bakery. hmmmm we bought immediately some freshly baked bread rolls and a very good looking and smelly bread. Each ate immediately a bread roll and they were good!
At the waterfront we just maundered through the shops and had a stroll outside. I loved it but Ed not so much. Too many shops for women to many gifts to think about, … So we decided to go and have a bite. We ended up in Tasca de Belem. The food was not bad but not great either. But it was convenient and we had a wonderful table in the sun/and shade with a nice view.
After we had finished we did some little shopping for the next couple of days and went home. We immediately prepared for our dinner, downloaded the photos and just relaxed with a nice G&T on our stoep! ;-)
We had a small but nice dinner later on. We tried to watch some TV but only rubbish on it so we had some thing nice to drink, nice music and relaxed. Because I felt too weak, I am still having back pain since the off road drive through the mountains as well and I was very tired we went very early to bed. 22.00h we were fast asleep."