Lovely SA 2015
Day 31 at 24 Feb 2015
Hout Bay at Pure Guest House (Table View Room) → Cape Town at Cape Paradise (Buffalo Apartment)
"Today we woke up very relaxed, no alarm clock and no appointment. So we slept 8 hours. That’s just great!
We had a very nice full breakfast: English and Continental. That was, with the wonderful view just perfect. An older German couple was with us at the table and that was quite nice and we had a nice conversation! After that we packed the last little things and went away around 12 o’clock. To our next B&B we had to drive just for half an hour. We were welcomed very nicely by Mareile a young Dutch girl who’s doing her practical here in Cape Town at the Cape Paradise Lodge. Later Lena, the German owner, joined us. Both explained everything very nicely!
We wet to our self catering cottage, finally unpacked the whole suitcase again, made us at home had a little soup for lunch and just relaxed! Later I wrote some post cards, Ed worked a bit and we had a little WhattsApp ‘conference’ to help a friend.
We got ready to meet our dear friend Vicci who came all the long way from Jo’burg … to see her daughter, to do some business AND to see us of course! ;-)
We went to t nice Restaurant called Beluga. Only South African people were there. It was a nice atmosphere and the food was very nice. Later another friend, Saleem, joined us for a coffee. It was a very nice harmonic and relaxed evening.
We were back at our place at 23.30h. We sat and chatted a bit with dear friends, had a night cup and went to bed quite late!"