Lovely SA 2015
Day 30 at 23 Feb 2015
Hout Bay at Pure Guest House (Table View Room)
"Today we woke up by the alarm clock at 7 o’clock. Why so early? Because we visited HOKISA (Home For Kids In South Africa) HOKISA.
PLEASE read about HOKISA on the web site. There is also a German link! ;-)
We had our wonderful and so lekker breakfast – even bith German bread rolls – with a fantastic view at 8.30h. We actually hurried a bit because we wanted to start in time to be in time in Masiphumelele, where HOKISA is situated.
We started at 9.00h and drove via Chapman's Peak Drive in direction Kommetjie. It was a wonderful day, with wonderful weather, with a wonderful view, on a very picturesque route. We arrived very punctually and had time for a cup of tea and talked to the social worker Sue. She works already four years for/with HOKISA.
And the Lutz arrived with a group of German friends of his. It was very nice to see Lutz again and to know these people. And Lutz had a birthday present for me
Nanas Liebe. I was so surprised and very grateful! We still waited for Bettina a German lady from Frankfurt. In the meantime Lutz told us about the idea to start HOKISA. When Bettina arrived we carried on with Simphiwe Nkomombini, who is with HOKISA since the very beginning. He showed us the house and explained everything so nicely! After that Lutz and Perry joined us again and the three of them answered our question and explained a lot how HOKISA works.
After the big group left we had a little more private time with Lutz. We left Masiphumelele around 12.30h we drove first to Muzienberg, had a wonderful but very windy walk on the beach and then back to Hout Bay were we ate again at the Posticino Restaurant. We are so lucky! Sitting in the sun, having a wonderful lunch and just enjoying our selves. That’s what we needed so badly after a very heavy last year.
Back at our B&B we changed and got right away onto a sun lounger, got a little tan and fell asleep. Fantastic!
We showered, rested a bit worked a bit and we made an appointment for tomorrow with our dear friend Vicci who came all the way from Jo’burg to Cape Town.
After all that we worked as well on our web site, watched some TV, packed the suitcases and went to bed around 22.30h"