Lovely SA 2015
Day 29 at 22 Feb 2015
Villiersdorp at Theewaterskloof Golf Estate (Karin & Winfried) → Hout Bay at Pure Guest House (Table View Room)
"Sunday morning and the sun is shining brightly. How great is that? And after a night with only 9 degrees Celsius and cuddling up because of the cold … We had breakfast at 10.00h in the garden in full sunlight. That’s fantastic.
We were told that we did forget something. Normally everybody who comes to the Wolter’s home should plant a tree. So, that will be a task for the next time! ;-)
We took it easy enjoyed the nice talks, packed and left around 12.30h We had a total relaxed drive and arrived safe and sound at 14.15h in Hout Bay. We are staying at the Pure Guest House with the most wonderful view to the Bay.
We unpacked the car, organized some things, wrote some Emails and had a real time in the sun tanning for the first time. So relaxing. We also chatted to Ed’s parents and my sister Claudia.
We left for dinner in direction Hour Bay Beachfront. We ate at a place called Posticino. This was one of the more “real” Italian restaurants in South Africa. The Antipasti were very nice and of a very good quality. The Pizza was so good and the veal with the Spaghetti was so tender and the taste was proper Italian. We left after a nice Espresso. We had a hot tea, did some computer work and watched some TV.
Around 23.00h we went to bed."