Lovely SA 2015
Day 28 at 21 Feb 2015
Villiersdorp at Theewaterskloof Golf Estate (Karin & Winfried)
"Woke up at 5.50h fell asleep again till 8.45h. GREAT!!
We had a nice weekend breakfast with very nice chitchats and went off for a wonderful nice and long walk to the Theewaterskloof dam and around the whole Golf Estate area. Back home I downloaded some photos, wrote a little diary, we had coffee and we had a nap. After the sun came out I decided to take my nap in the sun. I dozed off immediately for about an hour’s time. I showered got ready and then we had coffee with fresh homemade bread and home made jam. Hmmm good!
We went around 17.00h to the driving ranch and practised for one hour some putting and driving. We had a Sundowner and went back home.
We started then a braai with boerewors and other lekker stuff. Because it was cold again at night, only 16 degrees we had a nice Jagertee = tea with rum. That was good against the cold. ;-) Today we were quite tired and went around 23.00h to bed and fell asleep – after packing a bit – just before 0.30h"