Lovely SA 2015
Day 23 at 16 Feb 2015
Keurboomstrand at Tamodi lodge (Honeymoon Suite)
"We had good sleep in our HIMMELBED / CANOPY BED. We both woke up 6.40h and I immediately took nice pictures from the very nice view. Ed made us a nice Nespresso Coffee and we took a nice bath with a great view!
We got ready and went to breakfast at the main house around 8.40h. What a lovely breakfast. Tables where very nice settled outside on the deck. There was a very nice buffet with all serials, fresh fruit, a very good cheese platter, toast and breads, … on the table we got beside coffee, tea, … a nice little glass with fresh squeezed red beet and ginger. I just had a taste of it but it was very good. On the table were marmalade’s and jam’s, … For cooked breakfast we had bacon strips and a very tasty veggie quiche – which gave me later some tummy trouble, because there where baby marrows in it. It was very good so fare and the weather got much better. After breakfast we did some PC work in the lounge, the only place you can get Internet.
After that we went to a place called The Mill with Arts and Crafts. Very lovely! We went further to the birds of Eden, a bird sanctuary. Very nice! And here finally and luckily my tummy was fine again.
We went again to Keurboomstrand to tale some pictures because it was too late yesterday.
We were back at Tamodi around 14.45h. We took a little sun, had some nice coffee and biscuits, some cool drinks and down loaded the entire photo’s we took. We rested a bit as well. Just before driving to Plettenberg Bay for our dinner we went to the main house and loaded some photo’s up.
We arrived in Plett and went first to the Lemon Grass Restaurant – without a reservation – and had no luck. Our second choice was the Fat Fish. This restaurant is directly opposite the Beacon Island Hotel. We got a table outside, because we did not have a reservation. Shew that was windy and really a bit chilly. But – I got a blanket. We ordered and got relatively quickly our food. Ed had – as usual – the Kingklip and I had Yellow Tail with prawns. Both were very nice and well done. We were quite quick with eating to get out of the wind. ;-) We went home around 20.25h and had immediately our tissue salt no. 7.
After that, we packed a bit and we took a HOT bath and went to bed immediately. We slept ca. 22.30h

P.S.: I was almost at sleep I heard a little explosion. Woke up right away. I have seen at the end of our bed fire and it was like a firecracker sparkled.
Our 2. Spare battery for our nice big camera exploded. We had it just loaded it this afternoon. Ed jumped out of the bed and putted the whole camera bag out side to the shower, pushed the battery out … that was a fright at night! ;-)"