Lovely SA 2015
Day 21 at 14 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Seaview Room)
"After a good night sleep I woke up at 6 o’clock. To early for a Saturday, I think. I went back to bed. At 7.30h I started with some things for the web site.
Ed who woke up several times at night got up at 7.50h even though he was awake already. At 8 am LOADSHEDDING. So again: we have no electricity. We can’t make us even a nice cup of tea or coffee.
We got ready and went out to do some shopping. We did also had a look into curio shops for the wishes of our friends but we were not lucky jet. After this … again shopping. We went with Sue to a shop where they sell any kind of material so I took two nice tablecloth’s sizes with me.
Fro all that shopping and because we didn’t have any breakfast we went for lunch. We had Kingklip, Hake & Calamari stripes. Goooooood!
After all this exhaustion we had to have a little nap! ;-) But this little nap was long We slept till 19.30h. We can’t do this at home so this was so good!!! We had a little soup tonight, watched some TV while packing our suitcases. We went to bed at midnight!"