Lovely SA 2015
Day 20 at 13 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Seaview Room)
"No alarm clock, no appointment in the morning. Ahhhhhh, that was sooo good! ;-)
We manage to sleep 7 hours. Ed stayed a little bit longer in bed. That was so nice!
We got ready and we this morning for breakfast to our B&B. Can’t wait because it is one of the best breakfasts in SA B&B’s for us. We’ll see.
Ahhhh – we were of course not disappointed! Wonderful as always! They have a big variety and so very good quality and it is decorated and prepared with love and care! Thank you so much!
We got ready after breakfast to see some places before it would start raining again. So, we went about 11.00h and we came back just after 14.00h and it started to rain a little bit. We worked a bit, worked on the web site and chatted with Ed’s parents. We were tired so we decided to have a nap just before leaving to our friends place.
We started at 17.30h to chat, to braai, to eat and drink. We had a fantastic evening with FLIPPIN LEKKA food and marvellous company! Thank you Sue and Jörg Hoffmann for this! And thank you to Natasha & Stephan Steinmann and Janine – whom did the nice decoration - and Peter Attinger for a fun(ny) night.
We were at home around 00.15h and went immediately to bed."