Lovely SA 2015
Day 19 at 12 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Seaview Room)
"I woke up at 5 o’clock completely sweaty. That’s an effect of the treatment yesterday. I was still tired and heard a bit music and I got up at 6.45h. Ed was a little later. We had a quick breakfast and a coffee before we went to a little / half private Game Drive. 3 hours rain/drizzle … it was about 22 degrees. We have seen many bock, Zebra and giraffe before we went completely soaked through home. ;-)
We had a nice shower, with calm, got ready to have lunch at the Blue Water Café at the beachfront. We just wanted to have some thing easy close by. We both had a burger and a drink.
After that we went back to the optician and I finally go my – now multifocal – sunglasses. And they fit (glass-wise) perfectly! We also got some medicine Celeste subscribed me yesterday. Back home we wanted to have a DESPERATLY needed rest but we talked to Ed’s parents which have been finally online the same time when we were. ;-)
We still rested a bit before we got ready to go to the Ginger Restaurant close to the Board Walk. We met at 19.30h with Enrico & Lenie.
We had a very nice time together with nice food and drinks. I have to say The Ginger is not bad. The ambience is very nice, the service was excellent und the waiter was well educated. The food was not bad but for sure not the best we had. It was OK but for such a place it must be hmmmmm – fantastic and not only OK. Lenie and I had the ostrich, which was OK but actually to dry and the guys had Kingklip that was a little bit overcooked, means to dry. Otherwise it was fine. We had a very nice time and were ca. 22.20h at home. We got ready for bed quickly and wen to bed around 23.30h"