Lovely SA 2015
Day 18 at 11 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Seaview Room)
"We did sleep a little longer this morning because this room is a bit darker and the bed was more to our (bags) likings! ;-) So it was 7 o’clock.
We enjoyed the quietness and the view to the see meanwhile having coffee and juice.
Alan and some workers came to fix the TV problem, Mirinda brought us back our wonderful washed and ironed cloth.
Now – I got a nice treat! I had a really wonderful full body massage. It was a proper one which loosened my saw muscles and which was relaxing at the same time. I could have started all over again right after the massage was finished! ;-) Ed walked me (3min. walk) to the Spa and then had himself a nice beach run. He also took some very nice pictures.
Back at the B&B we checked mail, … and went for lunch around 12.40h
We did have a nice bread roll before we went to a reflexologist. She’s a nice old lady and it was an interesting experience. She did help me immediately with some things. I will follow her suggestions and see how it goes! We went for a quick shopping and went back home. It was just enough time to change and to go to De Kelder Restaurant. We had, after changing two times a nice table with out any icy cold aircon draft. We shared a prawn cocktail starter, Ed had a wonderful sole with asparagus and I had a lobster. Ed had a caramel- vanilla ice cream and I had a crème brûlée. The food was fantastic. When we got home around 21.00h we had no electricity. So we got ready for the bed and fell asleep around 21.30h"