Lovely SA 2015
Day 17 at 10 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage) → Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Seaview Room)
"Woke up at 6.00h and got up at 6.30h. We had a good night and long enough sleep!
We had just a very light breakfast and Ed had to do some serious work!
We should have moved actually to the Captain's Quarter room with a kitchenette to the other side but they gave us the “new” room with the view to the seaside and the beach. This room is very nice! … but does not have any possibility too cook or to make breakfast Just the water kettle, some cups, glasses and some plates plus cutlery. And Jo & Alan invited us to have once breakfast at their expense.
So, we moved and Mirinda helped us. She’s a very nice person!
After all that moving we did a nice walk and mad me an appointment for a massage tomorrow. After we were back we decided to go out for lunch. We went to the “Two Olives” in Stanley Street. Good restaurant! Delicious looking Tapas, but we had “only” the main course. Ed had Fillet Ritz in sweet chilly sauce with one prawn and Mediterranean veggies and I had the tiger prawns in lemon butter and chips. That was really nice. At the end we had a Cappuccino, which was a nice coffee but not a Cappuccino. ;-)
After that we went back to the Optometrist Nettl because my sunglasses did not fit 100%. But again we had a great service.
We went for a little shopping before we went home.
We enjoyed on our little stoep, a nice G&T and chatted nicely. When it got to windy we went back in. Our TV was not working. Alan and Ed did their best but they could not make it work. _ ;-) As usual we did our PC work, wrote some mails and had a little Cup of Soup.
I took a vey nice, very long relaxing bath! Wonderful! But after the bath I had to smear with Tabard because we have some mosquitos.
I did “only” some Emails (Ed worked quite a lot), had a little Facebook time and we went soooooo tired 23.00h to bed!"