Lovely SA 2015
Day 15 at 08 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"I woke up at 6.00h but that’s to early for a Sunday!!! So I went back to bed, snuggled in and slept for almost two hours.
We had nice and relaxed breakfast before we started into another very nice and sunny day! We drove a bit around and went to the beachfront to sit in the sun and have a drink. It was sooooo hot today – 33 degrees. We decided because of the big dinner last night to have just a little soup for lunch. After that we lay down and rested a bit before we went to Janine and Peter Attinger, very good friends from Sue and Jörg Hoffmann. We had a little Savanna Dry and had a nice chat. Back home we again did not feel like eating a lot, so we had a little soup again. Because we both were quite tired we went to bed at 23.00h"