Lovely SA 2015
Day 14 at 07 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"This night was not too long and I woke up with a backache again.
I did my gymnastics, checked our mail and had a lovely Cappuccino, as did Ed.
Then we had a nice week end cooked breakfast while we still could and had electricity. Hihihi ;-) Everything was calm, nice and quite. That’s just wonderful!
After breakfast I felt dizzy again. We’ll see what that is about. Can’t be the one Hefeweizen from yesterday night! ;-)
Around 11.00h we went out to the beach side. The weather was so nice and warm. So, we needed a cup of Cappuccino. After that, we did a little shopping and it was hot, hot, hot. So we decided to eat just a little soup at home. We got prepared and dressed for our get together with Leni, Tayla and Enrico Matthews. What a pleasure to meet also these friends! Enrico was quit good looking after his operation but he still has pain. We met them at their home, which they rebuild quit a bit and it looks very nice. After chatting and having something to drink we went to the Bridge Street Brewery where we had very nice meals and brewed beer, you’ll see the photos. Just as usual in South Africa ... the portions were huge! _ We had a lovely time with them and we shared all our news from family and friends! We were at home around 22.30h. I was so, so tired that we went of to bed quite quickly and just closed our eyes around 23.30h."