Lovely SA 2015
Day 13 at 06 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"Since they put something on my matrass yesterday my back pain wasn’t too bad and I slept till 6.00h.
I woke up slowly because I was quite dizzy this morning. A nice coup of Cappuccino did me some good.
I did my daily Web-Site update and made us breakfast. But without any electricity it was just cereal’s with milk. ;-) We hit the road around 10.15h just before the power came back again. We had a little lunch and two nice “virgin” cocktails at the Board Walk. Just after lunch we picked up my new sunglasses at Nettle Optometrist in Newton Park. After that we went home again and then we quickly checked email. But while doing it the power fell out again! Then we had a little nap which was sooooo necessary for me. I have to rest some more, I know. But …
At 17.15h we started to go to the German Club in PE. From 18.00 we had dinner reservations and for the Kegelbahn. That was all very good fun. We had lovely company again: Sue & Jörg Hoffmann with their daughter and son in law Natasha & Stephan Steinmann, Janine & Peter Attinger and the both of us. So we started with ‘German’ dinner. Just see the photo’s: Eisbein, Kasserkotelette, Hähnchenschnitzen, with Spätzle, Pommes and different veggies and salads. Cool!
After that we went ‘Kegeln’. That was very funny as you can see. But we had Stevie get hurt in the end. His little finger got splashed by a Kegel-Kugel.
22.10h we all went home. We had a nice Rooibos tea and some cold water. Of course we put on immediately the photos from today and then got to bed at 00.45h"