Lovely SA 2015
Day 12 at 05 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"We got up well rested around 6.45h. I still have some back pains because of the too hard bed. But we’ll ask if there is something to do about it.
We had a nice fruit salad, lots to drink and we worked both. Ed worked and I did update the web site. We also informed everybody about our cell number and I chatted with a friend of mine in Germany.
Around 10h we left to meet up with Sue and then had our traveling around PE. ;-)
When we went back home we decided to eat at Summerstrand’s Waterfront. Ed had Kingklip and I had a ‘mild’ Chicken and Prawn Curry both very nice.
After that we had to do some homework ;-) and had a little nap. Later in the afternoon we went to the other side of PE and enjoyed the sun!
Back home we had some work to do! I chatted nicely with my sister dear and we had a light soup for dinner.
We were asleep just before midnight.

Yesterday we experienced 2 times power failure here in PE. They are calling it loadshadding. – But this is not the first time we are here! We had it a couple of times on our way from Cape Town to PE.
The municipality will give you a plan/timetable when your zone has no electricity. But also that is not wisely though about! That’s my opinion!
From the one hand it is good to know when it will happen but from the other it is just very poor management in this sector for many reasons. One is also many people taking illegal electricity and never pays for it. … … … .
We had it on one side of PE and where happy when power came on again. And then, we got "home" and then had also here power failure. ... The whole time we were at home.
I think SA must do something about that! Seriously!!!
But if SA does it PLEASE - DON'T by a power plant 'cheap' from the Chinese! ... Just to save some money now.
Get one of good quality from France or Germany! Because, if you want to buy such a dangerous thing, then make sure you have got the best quality you can get. Otherwise you ruin your wonderful, beautiful country and its lovely people even more, with a worst-case-scenario and then it is too dear paid!"