Lovely SA 2015
Day 11 at 04 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"I woke up very early this morning but didn’t feel like getting up, so I fell asleep again and was awake only at 7.45h. That is fantastic. I can sleep and rest finally!
So we worked a bit and had our breakfast before we went out around 10 o’clock. We walked via the beach. It was hot and sunny, blue sky and water. Fantastic!!!
We walked to the shopping centre clos by, I got finally my SA cell number and a little data bundle, we had an amazing Strawberry smoothie and we walked back on the beach to our cottage. That was wonderful! We arrived 13.00h and I had a nice, quit long chat with Claudia whom I miss so much! And we had to check out our email, because Ed still has a little to work and then we went off though PE and we checked out all the areas we did not know so well.
Around 15.00h we went for a drive through PE. We checked out all the areas we did not know so well. That was also great. PE has grown so much and quite beautifully. OK there are areas, which are not that great but since we are here we have seen quite a lot of maintenance work.
We did a little shopping for our dinner on the way back and when we arrived around 18.00h is was poring down and there was also thunder and lightning.
I prepared us a nice dinner with nicely roasted chicken breast, broccoli and some garlic bread. Of course we had a nice KWV wine with it. So we watched a little TV and had later on a very nice try out of our very nice bathtub.
We closed our eyes already around 23h."