Lovely SA 2015
Day 10 at 03 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"I was up already at 6.30h but our alarm went of at 7.45h. Both of us where a little tired! We got ready had a cereal breakfast and went of at 8.45h to meet Sue at Moffett on Main at 9.15h.
Then we went off with Sue and had a little tour through PE. Sue had some things to be done and we met her again just after 13.00h. We went with her to the post office where I finally could by stamps and send my first post cards off and she finally got our Christmas present which too now 2 month to arrive. We had nice little lunch at the “Grass Roof” Farm Stall and that’s close to Deer Park. The have a wonderful pizza oven and do very nice little and medium sized dishes. We had a little Garlic and Chees Pizza for starters which we shared with the three of us, Ed had a vegetarian Penne Paste with cheese, black olives and artichoke, Sue had nice Toast with pesto cheese and salad and I had a focaccia Toast with Parma ham and cheese including nice potato wedges.
We went home and arrived around 18.00h. We were so tired that we slept for 1 _ hour. We actually set the TV on, checked the mail and I wanted to prepare dinner the we had at 20.00h a power failure so we couldn’t do anything! We just lit the candles and that was very romantic. So we were reading, I wrote other post cards and we waited for the lights to get on again. Around 22h we had light again and because we were a little hungry we had a little chicken soup. After that is was checking email again, working the last things and we went just before midnight to bed."