Lovely SA 2015
Day 9 at 02 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"We got up well rested at 5.35h. That was too early so I fell asleep aging and we both got up at 7.00h. After a relaxed morning and a nice breakfast we left for my SA optometrist Mr Robert Nettl. He was happy that we came back and we / I was happy about my very nice glasses so we wanted to come back! ;-) And by the End of this week I will have a new pair of sunglasses.
After that we went to by stamps for my first written post cards, but … the post office was too full. Or, we wanted to by a SA sim card, but, … the shop was too ful and after 15 min. waiting we went home.
It was raining so I prepared us a nice little pasta dish before we watched some TV and went for a little nap.
Around 19.00h we where invited to our friends Lynn and David Dampier. We had a wonderful evening and very lekker dinner! We’d some nice roasted lamb on baked tomato’s and a very nice salad / veggi dish with feta cheese. As desert we had a lekker Don Pedro.
Because we have to get up early tomorrow morning we went to bed already 23.30h"