Lovely SA 2015
Day 8 at 01 Feb 2015
Port Elizabeth at Admiralty Beach (Garden Cottage)
"We woke up two times that night and got up well rested at 6.05h. That bed is not ideal yet but we’re working on it.
I took some photos and prepared breakfast. Eddy slept a bit longer though. ;-)
It was so relaxing this morning; no alarm clock, no special time for breakfast, …
After breakfast we worked a bit, also on our web site and took it relaxed.
We slowly got ready for our appointment with our friends at the Algoa Yacht Club.
Because of the Herald VW Cycle Tour the beachfront roads where closed so we had to take the “back side roads” to got to PE airport where we met at 13.30h with our friends, which where so kind to lead us to the Algoa Yacht Club where we had lunch. We where an illustrious group of people: Sue & Jörg Hoffmann with their daughter and son in law Natasha & Stephan Steinmann, Janine & Peter Attinger and the both of us. It was so wonderful seeing them again. We had a fantastic time and a very nice lunch. After the Yacht Club we went to a bar called Cubaña at the beachfront and had some coffee and drinks.
Around 17.45h we where back at our cottage.
We had some tea, a nice little walk, I cooked us a light dinner and we chatted with Claudia & Martin who’s birthday it is today. That was very nice.
We went to bed early, watched some TV and closed our tired, little eys already at 22.00h."