Lovely SA 2015
Day 6 at 30 Jan 2015
Amakhala Game Reserve at Woodbury Tented Camp (Luxury Tent)
"We did set our alarm clock at 5.15h and at 5.30h we had a wake up call from our guide. We quickly got up, got dressed and had a quick cup of tea before we left the camp for an early morning drive at 6.00 o’clock.
We did see many animals and it was a nice game drive. In between we did stop for a nice cup of tea and some muffins. That was very nice We cam back around 9.30h and had immediately breakfast, again with all the other guests and we shared our experiences.
Today it is very hot out here 37 degrees. And because of that the afternoon drive starts only at 16.30h because al animals will hide in the shade!
The pool sun lounger where all occupied so we decided to have a good look at our email, Facebook, downloaded photo’s, etc. We did it in the main house because it was too hot in the tent. ;-) .
Around 13.00h we had a nice cooling shower before we went to lunch at 14.00h. That was also very nice. We had one warm dish and then veggies, salads and homemade bread.
It was too hot to take a nap in the tent, so we went to the main house, where it was much cooler. We had some drinks, did some work and had a very great conversation with an English couple, which arrived just for lunch.
Because of the heat we went half an hour later on our game drive. It was a again nice 3 and _ hour drive with a little break for a sun-downer with snacks. We have seen lots of animals! That includes a lioness with a cub, rhino, giraffes, elephants, different antelope’s, many nice birds and other tiny and big animals.
Our dinner at 20.00h was a braai. Dat was lekker man! _ We had chicken, lamb and wors as meat with veggies and salads. We had also a starter and because we had one lady’s birthday we all could enjoy birthday cake and coffee.
We had very pleasant conversations and after this we checked our mail, … And I read on Live-Ticker the football match between VFL Wolfsburg and Bayern München. And I was soooooo happy that we snuffed the Bavarian out with 4:1.
We went at midnight to bed."