Lovely SA 2015
Day 1 at 25 Jan 2015
Amsterdam at Schiphol (KL 597) → Cape Town at Hotel Verde Airport (Standard Room)
"Flight with KLM at 23:55 hours.
Our journey began at 7 o’clock on the 25th January. Our dear neighbour Leo was so kind to bring us to Schiphol airport where we had no problems with the check in.
Our flight started right on time: 10.05h.
Our fight journey was quite pleasant. The KLM service on board was very good.
The food we must say was one of the best airplane foods we had during the last years.
We can’t complain about the movies they have shown us. I have seen many and they made the flight quite entertaining.
Otherwise I have to say about a day flight, which we took for the first time, that it was a bit more tiring for me but for Ed it was perfect.
Our landing was not only on schedule but even a bit earlier. We landed already at 22.15h local SA time.
We got picked up from the Hotel Verde at the Airport. That took quite a while, they where not on time. We first had to check at the info desk like other 9 Hotel Verde guests. We spend our firth night in SA in Hotel Verde at the Airport.
The Hotel was quite nice. The room was clean, very modern and practically.
I was sooooo excited that I could not sleep right away even though I was quit tired. ;-)"